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AALITRA Review[]

  • 2018: Took about 2 months for translation review. Good place for experimental but peer-reviewed translations.

Babel: International Journal of Translation[]

  • The evaluation process took approximately one year.
  • it is not professionally run. It took me more than a year to receive reviewer's report--yes, one reviewer! and this reviewer instead of excusing him or herself on the ground that he or she recognized my work from my article title but listed this as my misconduct.

Bulletin of Spanish Studies[]

  • 2021: Took about 3 months for review. Accepts submissions up to 11k words. Good venue for mixed-methods studies

Interpreting. International Journal of Research and Practice in Interpreting[]

  • Some 2+ years since the article was first sent in to the publishing, but quite thorough reviewing. And recently online first was added, which is quite commendable.

Meta: Translators' Journal[]

  • 2020: I submitted and after about 3 months had a rejection. They don't accept resubmissions with major changes, which is frustrating, but the comments were great and my paper is much better after considering their feedback.

New Voices in Translation Studies[]


Target: International Journal of Translation Studies[]

  • Backlogged: submitted four months ago, hasn't been sent out to readers yet.
  • I had a paper rejected from here, but still with some useful comments. It was rejected early on (I waited maybe 1 month).
  • 2021 - I submitted an article 7 months ago. I haven't received any response, but I can see in the system that is under review.


  • 2018: Took about a year from submission to publication. Comments were good. Open access

TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly[]

  • 2020: They have annual translation focused issues. They just switched over editors for the EIC and translation editors. Took a while to hear back and feedback read as if they were saying "this wasn't the study I would have done" - Not the most useful, but potentially could reach an interesting readership.

The Translator: Studies in Intercultural Communication[]

  • 2016-2017: Great experience here; fast and thorough readers' reports
  • 2019: I waited well over a year and never got an answer, the editors never followed up on my request for an update

Translation and Literature[]

  • 2015: Quite professional. The editor responded after a week of submission and praised the paper but said that its focus didn't match the journal's interests. He even suggested several alternative journals to send the manuscript to. Didn't waste our time waiting even if the paper was not sent for review.

Translation Review[]

Translation Studies[]

  • Top notch. The editors gave thorough (and insightful) feedback throughout, in addition to the peer reviewers' reports. As a result, it was probably the most polished article I have ever published.


  • I submitted an article in 2009. I got readers' reports in 2012. Still waiting on proofs in 2013, a full year after the readers' reports. In short, I submitted my article during year two of my tenure-track job, and I'll have tenure before I see the article in print.
  • Same poster as before -- it's 2015, and I still haven't seen the proofs. (Yep, I submitted that article six years ago.) I got tenure, left that school, and will be up for tenure again soon at my new school. Who knows? Maybe I can get the article to count here. Or maybe I'll retire before it's out.
  • Well, it's finally out (2016). Only seven years from submission to publication. That's not too bad, right?
  • TTR has been improving, as is evidenced by their improving reputation, the fact that I regularly get issues in the mail, and my own experience. I did wait about a year for my reviews, and another 6 or so months until the issue comes out (it's still not out), but that's a big improvement over the above person's experience.
  • 2018: I waited about a year for an accept with minor revisions. It came out about a year later. There were some issues in the past with the editor, but they have been working very hard to get back on the right track.


  • Fast review process (2 months for the first round of review), the article is also read carefully by the Associate Editor after the reviewers' approval.
  • 2020: Fast review process indeed but the Editor-in-Chief is very unpleasant to deal with. Quite pedantic and unprofessional. The whole process was an emotional ordeal for us. It's really not worth it and I would definitely not recommend this journal.