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  • Has been criticized for emphasis on Harvard and elite universities:

There are TWO articles in the Chronicle of Higher Education today about Harvard. "Harvard does not care about Teaching" and "Literary Scholars Should Argue Better". OK the second one is by a Harvard scholar about literary life in general, but still, she's talking about Harvard. Maybe Yale can get three in print tomorrow? I just live to know about how hard life is with tens of millions of dollars surrounding me. Please publish more about it! It's so relevant to understanding university life and the academy! "Harvard is a place of hierarchies" with an "invisible stratum" says Ben Roth. Really? But you're making lots of money. You can publish anywhere (case in point, today's Chronicle of Higher Education!). Your letterhead will get you interviews anywhere, in the academy for sure but also alt-ac. But yea, surely it must suck if you're there, right? "Every year, my colleagues and I each have hundreds of individual meetings with our students and write a book’s worth of comments on their papers." Yea? Gee, how about doing the same thing for 20% of the paycheck and no Harvard affiliation? Would that be bad? If things go south, you'll have to "piece together a schedule of classes on Boston’s adjunct market or to start an entirely new career." With Harvard letterhead, those tasks sound REALLY easy. Dear Chronicle, PLEASE PUBLISH AT LEAST TWO ARTICLES TOMORROW ABOUT SOMEPLACE OTHER THAN HARVARD!

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