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Latin American Literary Review[]

  • This journal still requires a snail-mail submission, including the inconvenient inclusion of files on a CD; however, when it came times to revisions, all other corresponse and data were shared via email. The CD requirements was extraneous in my experience. 
  • I've had good experience: received a (positive) response within three to four months of submission. Two reader reports; these were brief and only requested one small change. Communication with the editorial staff in terms of publication schedule, proofs, etc, has been a little slower. 

Latin American Research Review[]

Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies[]

  • Things moved a bit slowly, though I think at the time the journal was in the midst of some organizational changes. In any case, they were always responsive and kind when I pestered them, and when the piece was accepted the reports were excellent and helpful. And it was published very soon after acceptance.