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Italian Literature and Italian Studies Journals[]


  • Very professional and fast for an Italy-based journal. Reply accepting the article within a month or so with recommended minor corrections although no real readers' reports to speak of. Publication a little over a year later.

Annali d'Italianistica[]

Bibliotheca Dantesca[]

California Italian Studies[]

Dante Studies[]

Forum Italicum[]


Italian Culture[]

Italian Poetry Review[]

Italian Studies[]

  • Professional but only up to a point. I was promised an answer within 10-12 weeks, but one of the reviewers obviously didn't finish the job. After about 9 months and three followups, I finally got a reply from one of the editors accepting the article based on 1 1/2 reports and editor's own opinion. The comments, however, were very full and engaged closely and sympathetically with the article.

The Italianist[]

  • More than 6 months of waiting before hearing that the article hasn't actually been sent out to any reviewers yet.
  • Waited over a year and a half for a decision. Could not get the editor to answer repeated queries on the status of the paper. Phoned the Reading department several times and was promised a response by a secretary (the editor wasn't answering her phone and her voice mail was full). Contacted the relevant Editorial Director at Taylor Francis and was told that the editor would phone me since there seemed to be some problem with the email. Nothing. Finally wrote Taylor Francis and withdrew the paper.


  • Does anyone have a recent experience submitting to this journal that they would be willing to share? In particular, the timeline from submission to decision and decision to print.

Modern Language Notes (Italian issue)[]

Pirandello Studies[]

Quaderni d'Italianistica[]

Studi Pasoliniani[]

Studi sul Boccaccio[]