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  • I sent a submission a while ago. Although I was rejected, I received a lot of attention from the editor and amazing feedback. I recommend it.

Hispanic Review[]

  • Heard back a bit over 6 months after submission. One positive review, recommending publication (with mainly stylistic revisions); one negative, disagreeing with the principal argument. Editors decided not to go with the article. The positive report was actually most useful because it pointed to specific moments that needed revision and editing and articulated ways that those could be improved; the negative report was essentially "I don't agree with the argument" but lacked any competent explanation as to why (expect the reader's subjective opinion). In fact, much of the counter-argument was objectively flawed and thus not at all useful in helping me rewrite the article or make it stronger (especially baffling was some crass, obvious recommendation that I should work on a different text instead). Overall, a waste of time. Not sure the journal is even known or prestigious enough to be worth waiting this long for a response.

Revista de Estudios Hispánicos[]

Revista Hispánica Moderna[]