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Please add your experiences of any architecture journals and add new journal titles below using "Heading" style as the architecture discipline is most neglected in the journals wiki.

Log (New York)[]

Grey Room[]

Journal of Architecture (UK)[]

Journal of Architectural Education[]

The JAE is primarily comprised of special themed issues edited by guest editors in collaboration with the journal's primary editorial team. There are three kinds of articles published in the journal, Scholarship of Design (full-length scholarly articles), Design of Scholarship (article that highlight design work), and Micro Narratives, which are shorter research notes. The turn-around time for responses to submissions is pretty typical, but likely depends a bit on the guest editors.

Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians (JSAH)[]


OASE is a Dutch journal, each issue of which is themed. Issues can be edited by the primary editorial team, or by guest editors. Articles are shorter than the typical scholarly length, around 2500-3000 words in length. Response time is fairly speedy!

Journal of Architecture and Urbanism[]

Architecture and Culture[]

Architectural History[]